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Thank you for your partnership with Videre. Our mission is to improve the health and lives of people with compassionate, convenient, and clinically excellent service.

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Please rate the following service metrics based on your satisfaction with Videre.

1.Videre provides all of the necessary materials needed for on-site ultrasound service and the Practice Handbook is helpful and easy to understand.

2.The operational support from the Videre corporate office allows our practice to readily get help with scheduling, ordering forms, and requesting reports and images.

3.Videre's billing experts are available and supportive in assisting with useful information about ultrasound coding and billing, reimbursement, and general insurance questions for our practice.

4.The clinical leadership from the corporate office allows our practice to get answers to questions about patient findings, clinical quality, and other clinical information.

5.Our practice receives regular "clinical refreshers" to provide ultrasound education and updates to our providers.

6.Our Sonographer is on time and is courteous and friendly with our patients and practice staff.

7.We receive our Final Reports in a timely manner and they are the quality we expect.

8.Within the past year, our practice received a package of positive finding reports that was easy to use and allowed us to re-schedule patients for any necessary follow-up ultrasound exams.

9.Our practice receives our Invoices in a timely manner and the Invoices are correct, easy to understand and have appropriate payment terms.

10.In general, the corporate office team is responsive and helpful, and we have a clear understanding of who to contact in each department for our needs.

11.Videre's on-site ultrasound service provides additional financial revenue for our practice and we are satisfied with the profit that Videre allows us to capture.

12.Overall, our practice is satisfied with Videre's on-site service.

13.What does your practice find to be the most beneficial aspect of Videre's service? Please rank your top 3, with 1 as the most beneficial.

14.What improvements can we make to allow Videre to become a better partner for your practice? Please specify.

15.On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend Videre to a friend or colleague? A score of 0 means not at all likely while a score of 10 means extremely likely.

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