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Videre Diagnostics helps medical practices enhance the care experience for their patients. Many of our practices were dissatisfied with low rates of patient compliance with their imaging referrals. On-site service is more effective and impactful for patients and in keeping with the transition from quantity of services to quality of patient care.

Value-Based Care (VBC) is a form of reimbursement that ties payments for care delivery to the quality of care provided and rewards providers for both efficiency and effectiveness. This form of reimbursement has emerged as an alternative and potential replacement for fee-for-service reimbursement, which pays providers retrospectively for services delivered based on bill charges or annual fee schedules. 


Videre On-Site Ultrasound is supportive of
Value-Based Care in several ways:

  1. Helps patients and families become more involved in their care
  2. Promotes effective communication and coordination of care with the physician
  3. Promote impactful prevention and treatment of chronic disease
  4. Makes care more affordable
  5. Eliminates duplication needed exams and results in quicker outcomes
  6. Makes patient care safer by reducing harm
  7. More efficient and higher quality than alternative imaging options 

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