Videre Diagnostics is the provider of choice for diagnostic ultrasound services in the Southeast.

Videre Helps Practices That May be Frustrated With:

  • Declining medical reimbursements and difficulty finding new and reliable funding streams
  • Hassles for your practice staff related to referrals and outside scheduling
  • Not receiving timely patient results for exams that are referred out
  • Declining patient retention
  • Lack of patient compliance with treatment recommendations for diagnostic tests as patients get lost in the referral maze
  • Rising healthcare costs and increased patient responsibility for healthcare expenses
  • Patients must deal with going to an unfamiliar facility for services that are referred out
  • Reduced physician control over patient care
  • Negative past experiences with other ancillary service providers

How On-Site Service with Videre Can Provide Relief:

  • On-site ultrasound provides additional revenue for your practice - you capture ultrasound reimbursement instead of referring it out
  • Ultrasound service in your practice eliminates outside scheduling hassles, reducing the administrative burden on your practice
  • Quick turnaround of final reports within 24 to 48 hours
  • Improved patient retention due to expansion of practice services
  • On-site ultrasound service encourages improved patient compliance with treatment follow-up and better health outcomes
  • Ultrasound is more cost-effective and on-site ultrasound saves patients money
  • Patients can receive care within your practice where they are comfortable
  • On-site care means stronger patient and provider bonds 
  • Videre is a trusted resource in the industry specializing in on-site diagnostic ultrasound for over twenty years

Benefits For Your Patients

Lower Patient Costs

As patient responsibility for healthcare expenses increases, patients are becoming more sensitive to the cost of their treatment. Ultrasound is an effective diagnostic test that is a fraction of the cost of other imaging modalities. On-site ultrasound also eliminates the excess fees for your patients that are often associated with outside imaging centers, including facility fees and specialty co-pay expenses.

Convenient Service

Videre’s accredited mobile ultrasound service takes place in the comfortable setting of your medical practice, where patients know and trust the people, medical care, and policies. Our on-site service also eliminates confusions and frustrations with directions and parking at an unfamiliar hospital or imaging center.

Our mobile Sonographer will visit your practice on a regularly scheduled basis, and our service allows flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your patients and healthcare providers, including time-critical tests. General, Vascular, and Cardiac ultrasounds can all be performed on the same day, keeping patients from visiting several facilities to receive the care they need. And our top quality interpreting physicians provide you with timely patient results you can trust.

Enhanced Patient Care

Research has shown that patient care is more effective when it is on-site. The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a care delivery model in which a patient's treatment is coordinated through their primary care physician to ensure they receive the necessary care when and where they need it, in a manner they can understand. On-site diagnostic ultrasound service means you can ensure that your patients are receiving the level of care they need because patients are treated within your practice.

Improved Patient Compliance

Patients are more likely to follow through with treatment recommendations from a diagnostic exam when the test is performed on-site. Mobile ultrasound service with Videre allows your medical practice to offer greater continuity of care for your patients, which results in better health outcomes for your patients.

Advantages for Your Practice

Additional Practice Revenue

Our on-site diagnostic service provides an opportunity for your practice to capture additional revenue associated with the care of your patients. Instead of referring this revenue to an outside source, Videre allows your practice to capture reimbursement for mobile diagnostic ultrasound.

This additional practice revenue can be achieved through our on-site ultrasound service without any capital or staff investment. Our billing experts will provide education on the simple billing steps associated with reimbursement for diagnostic ultrasound who are also available to help with any questions throughout the billing process and to ensure that all potential revenue is being captured.

Practice Convenience

Videre’s mobile ultrasound service takes place in one of your exam rooms within your practice. This means fewer scheduling hassles and reduced administrative burdens for your practice staff related to referring patients out for ultrasound. Our mobile Sonographer can perform add-on exams on the same day as scheduled service visits.


Physician Control

Providing diagnostic exams on-site fosters improved relationships between providers and patients. When patients get lost in the referral maze, the primary care physician can often never receive the test results. 1 in 3 test results can be missed, which leads to delays and greater costs in the patient's care as well as increased health risks.

On-site diagnostic care means that patients are more likely to comply with treatment. Through on-site service with Videre, your physicians can reduce the per capita cost of healthcare and advance the health of patient populations, while improving the patient's medical care experience.

Patient Retention

Due to the increasing prevalence of higher deductibles and co-pays, patients are very price-conscious. They look for the most cost effective and convenient options when choosing a physician for their medical needs. On-site diagnostic ultrasound service allows your medical practice to both attract new patients and retain valued existing patients through the benefits of on-site service and care.

Quality Diagnostic Care

Our on-site diagnostic service is of the highest clinical quality. Videre maintains accreditation with both the American College of Radiology and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. We recruit and attain a team of experienced, ARDMS-registered Sonographers who deliver compassionate care to your patients, friendly service to your practice staff, and who adhere to our strict quality assurance and clinical protocols.


Additional Support Services

Our goal is to provide exceptional, personalized customer service for each of our clients. Videre’s Corporate Office is comprised of experienced and helpful staff who are ready to assist with clinical questions, referrals, billing advice, or operational support. In addition to on-site ultrasound service, Videre provides the following support services:

Clinical Leadership

Videre offers clinical education and awareness programs and ongoing refresher training for your providers on the use and indications for ultrasound. We also provide management and review of your ultrasound study findings so that we can provide guidance on the recommended timing of patient follow-up.

Innovative Technological Systems

Our advanced ultrasound systems allow us to capture clear images to provide superior quality diagnostic ultrasound exams. Videre consistenly invests in new and innovative technology to ensure that our equipment gives us the best visualization of patient pathology.

Our Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) technology transmits and archives all of our clinical images and paperwork, guaranteeing quick turn-around of final reports and enabling patient referrals to specialists for continuing care.

Billing Reimbursement Expertise

Videre employs full-time billing experts who are available to provide education and answers to any questions about the ultrasound billing process. Our team provides you with updates on any industry changes associated with coding or reimbursement procedures.

Our ICD-10 Codes Database is also a valuable billing tool that we provide to your practice. You can use our lookup feature to search by CPT code or ICD-10 code to provide guidance on commonly used codes for ultrasound services. Click the button below to take advantage of this useful resource.

Billing Codes for Ultrasound Services

Operational Support

Videre offers dedicated operational professionals to ensure that all of your medical practice’s needs are met, including scheduling, supplies, reports, and images. A member of our team is always available to provide you with quick customer service whenever you need it.

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