GE Vivid Q

Videre uses only technologically advanced ultrasound systems that produce excellent quality images. We are equipped with pulsed wave, continuous wave, color, and power Doppler capabilities. Multiple frequency transducers allow a variety of scanning options, including inter-cavity ultrasound. We also maintain a Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS) and the latest in software packages, including tissue tagging and harmonics.

Our powerful, multi-specialty diagnostic systems incorporate the latest in all-digital ultrasound technologies, with calculation and image optimization for all of our ultrasound sub-specialties. Premium capabilities are integrated into the GE Vivid q ultrasound system for big system performance everywhere we need it.

Clinical Rewards

Superior, state-of- the-art image quality and extraordinary color flow are in sight with Videre’s GE Vivid q.

  • Unparalleled color flow on images leads to better image optimization and patient pathology visualization.
  • Advanced quantification and one touch, optimized images allow for enhanced diagnosis of patient pathology.
  • More efficient imaging means better visualization for your bariatric patient populations, particularly on General exams.
  • Improved Vascular exams are delivered as a result of border enhancement, which provides superior visualization of blood vessels.
  • GE is the industry leader in cardiac ultrasound equipment. Outstanding echocardiogram images deliver enhanced pictures of the valves, chambers and walls of the heart.
  • Longitudinal strain exams are now possible with the Vivid q so that you can more quickly diagnose and treat cardiomyopathy in your patients.

Technological Advantages

See the rewards of Videre’s cutting-edge equipment.

  • The Vivid q allows Videre to easily integrate with multiple PACS systems, delivering greater ease in mapping patient information.
  • Fully-integrated password protection and automated log-off after inactivity ensures patient information is safe and HIPAA compliant.
  • Rapid upload speeds promote faster image transfers for reliably quick results.

Operational Benefits

Videre’s Vivid q allows for more reliable and streamlined service for your practice than ever before.

  • Brand new, ultramodern equipment means boosted dependability and performance.
  • The ability to remotely diagnose future failure and perform planned maintenance and repair work means we deliver the consistent service you expect.
  • Increased image sweep speeds from superior software allows our Sonographer to view images more quickly and accurately.
  • Our Sonographer can manipulate images post-processing, which means your patients spend less time on the exam table.
  • Patients with limited mobility are able to have a complete exam performed even without the ability to lie flat for long periods of time.


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